European Services

It's all about peak performance. At Motorwërks, we get it.

At Motorwerks Auto Group we strive to keep the latest in diagnostic and maintenance equipment/ training on hand. We are a great dealership alternative, able to provide scheduled maintenance and bumper to bumper diagnosis/ repairs. Unlike many other shops we work on one fixed hourly rate to help in alleviating any confusion when setting an appointment or receiving a quote.

Currently, to handle all tire changes we have a Hunter Auto34R Touchless Tire Changer that will ensure no metal surface comes in contact your wheels to prevent any scratching. To ensure a quality wheel balance on your vehicle, we have a Hunter Road Force Elite Balancer capable of applying up to 1,250 pounds of road force onto the assembly granting you a balance 2nd to none. To keep you driving straight and avoid abnormal tire wear, we have a Hunter HawkEye Elite four wheel alignment rack that is annually updated to handle the latest models. Also equipped with Hunter QuickGrip Tire Adapters that feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire and not the rim, eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

We are also equipped with the latest technology in chemical cleaning services provided to us by BG Chemicals, from fuel and air injection to transmission. As well as having numerous other brand specific scanners and testing apparatus, we can confidently handle all your service and repair needs for the following makes.

Aston Martin







Land Rover



Mini Cooper



Rolls Royce